National seminar on CCS deployment in Croatia – summary

National seminar on CCS deployment in Croatia – summary

On June 28th, the national seminar on “Roadmap for national-level action in Croatia and regional cooperation on CCS deployment in the CEE region” (original title: “Smjernice za djelovanje na raziniRepublike Hrvatske i regionalnu suradnju na implementaciji CCS-a u središnjoj i istočnoj Europi(CEE region) took place. This online event aimed at presenting the final CCS Roadmap discussing potential key steps for CCS deployment in Croatia and the region of CEE.

In the course of the seminar, we focused, in particular, on the following issues:

•    The current status of CCS developments in Croatia (and elsewhere in the Central and Eastern European region);

•    Key governance, social and economic barriers and how to overcome them;

•    Good practices and plans for CCS development.

Additionally, our guest speakers presented ongoing industrial decarbonisation plans using CCS technologies, as well as offered insight into the current EU CCS framework and potential funding opportunities that can help accelerate CCS deployment in the region.

The agenda of the seminar:

Hanna Biro (Bellona Europa)– introductory presentation
Ana Šerdoner (Bellona Europa) – legislative framework of CCS policies and guidelines at the EUlevel; Q&A
Domagoj Vulin (CCS4CEE Project) – Presentation of guidelines for action at the level of the Republic of Croatia regional cooperation on the implementation of CCS; Q&A
Presentations of industry representatives and legislative bodies, Q&A
o Florijan Čelić (IdeoPlan d.o.o.)“Economic and financial obstacles and opportunities in the decarbonisation process
o Željka Sladović (Geoda d.o.o.) – “Transparent relationship with local communities – getting acquainted with the monitoring plan at an early stage
o Nikola Kovačević (Holcim) – “Opportunities for CCUS and restrictions on implementation in the cement industry
Concluding remarks.
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