Anamarija Borštnik Bračič

GP sistemi d.o.o.

Nationality: Slovene

Scope of interest: Consulting on the development of new CHP plants with integrated CC. EPC contracting for the realization of the CHP plants with CC.


Contact details:

Anamarija Borštnik Bračić, PhD, MBA, is a physicist and the founder and head of the energy department of the company GP sistemi. At the beginning of her career, she used to teach Physics as an assistant professor at the University of Ljubljana. In the company GP sistemi, she manages activities in the development and realization of projects for the production of combined heat and power plants (CHP) based on the combustion of sustainable fuels such as wood residues, waste wood, sludge and hazardous waste. GP sistemi builds CHP plants in the European Union and the Balkans.

In the development of new projects, special attention is paid to the possibilities of installing CC systems – either as capture of CO2 in the flue gases of standard air combusted CHP plants, or through the design of oxy-combusted CHPs.