Boris Sučić

Jožef Stefan Institute – Energy Efficiency Centre

Nationality: Slovene

Scope of interest: energy and resource efficiency, sector coupling

Contact details: boris.sucic@ijs.s

Boris Sučić, PhD El. Eng., is an expert with more than 20 years of experience in energy and resource efficiency, demand side management, energy planning and optimisation, energy and environmental auditing, performance monitoring and modelling of energy systems. He works at the Energy Efficiency Centre, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia. His professional interests are particularly related with the sustainable planning in the energy sector, industry and integration with the urban environment. Since 2010, he has been working on various projects related with the CCS in Slovenia. He was the main expert for a study about challenges of the just transition of three Slovenian regions.

He was deputy project manager for the preparation of the National Energy and Climate Plan for Slovenia. He is the leader of the EUREM energy manager training in Slovenia which is based on the international European Energy Manager educational and training programme. He has written numerous science articles published in international and domestic journals and conferences and he is also an author of handbooks for various seminars and trainings.