Wojciech Nowak

AGH University in Krakow

Nationality: Polish

Scope of interest: energy engineering, fluidization, CCSU

Contact details:

Full Professor at AGH University in Krakow; presently Director of the Centre of Energy. He holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and Doctor of Sciences. The research group headed by him, for many years has been leading the field of research and education for power plants and industry in the area of advanced energy technologies. Polish coordinator of the project “Overcoming Technological and Non-technological Barriers in Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies in Coal Combustion Plants”, EuropeAid/132302/ACT/CAI Switch-Asia, 2012; Project Coordinator of the National Strategic Programme “Advanced technologies for energy generation”, a task 2 “Oxy combustion with CCS” (2011-2015); Coordinator “The Development Strategy for Carbon Capture, Transportation, Utilization and Storage Technologies in Poland, and the Pilot for the Polish CCUS Cluster”, GOSPOSTRATEG-III/0034/2020, present.