Location: Poland, Lithuania
Companies / organizations involved: Air Liquide, PKN Orlen, Lafarge Polska
What elements of the CCS chain are included in the project: collection, transport
EU funding or PCI status: PCI (planned application for CEF)
Planned start date: 2027
Planned volumes: 3 Mt (2027) -> 9 Mt (2030+)
Capture: Capture: Go4ECOPlanet; refinery in PL, possibly other emitters, Transport: part of ECO2CEE (rail->Port of Gdańsk- >ship), Storage: North Sea, possibly Baltic Sea
Source of captured CO2:
Transport mode: Transport: transporting liquid CO₂ by train to the Gdansk terminal and shipping the CO₂ to the offshore storage sites, as part of the ECO2CEE project (PCI)
Planned storage: Storage: not part of the project, but North Sea and potentially Baltic Sea and onshore Poland are envisaged for storage
Current stage: feasibility study (railway transport) ongoing