CCS4CEE: national workshops successfully concluded

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CCS4CEE: national workshops successfully concluded

Another phase of the CCS4CEE project is in progress: during April and May 2022, workshops with stakeholders took place in ten of our participating countries. These workshops aimed to consult the specific solutions outlined in our draft national policy roadmaps for advancing CCS in Central and Eastern Europe.

Concrete and implementable roadmaps would not be possible without the input provided by key CCS actors in partner countries. The workshops enabled us to take account stakeholders’ perspectives of CCS, supporting more accurate and realistic policy recommendations and deployment timelines.

According to organizers, the events were fruitful, and participants were highly engaged in the discussions, which greatly contributes to the development and improvement of our roadmaps. The conclusions of these workshops have been incorporated into the national roadmaps, which will be presented during national project seminars taking place throughout June.

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